Whois and GDPR with Tim Chen – DNW Podcast #179 – Domain Name Wire


What happens if Whois, which is often used to hunt down bad guys, goes dark?

Security companies and brands rely on Whois records in order to quickly identify and mitigate all sorts of bad behavior: phishing, counterfeiting, fraud, spam, DDoS and more. What happens when these experts can no longer get access to Whois? On today’s show we talk with Tim Chen, CEO of security company DomainTools. Tim explains how companies use Whois to thwart the bad guys and what happens when Whois goes away. This is especially relevant given what registrars are planning to do because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also: UDRP conflict of interest, GoDaddy picks AWS, Google goes mobile first, Brexit for domain names, Scientology domains and more.

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