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Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you can buy that have sold in the past. Sale history, like the age of a domain name, is a great proxy for quality to help the cream rise to the top. Today’s list has 140 domains for sale with history.

While not every domain in these lists will have obvious resale value, and we certainly don’t recommend buying something just because it sold in the past, there are definitely some gems to be found. Imagine buying a domain for a few hundred dollars that sold previously for four or five figures. There is no better comparable sale to give to a prospective buyer than the domain itself.

The prices listed are the most recent historical sale, not the current auction or back order price. Click on the domain to see the current price.

Happy hunting!

GoDaddy Auctions Closing Today With Sale History

Dynadot Auctions Closing Today With Sale History

Flippa Auctions Closing Today With Sale History

NameJet Pre-Release Domains With Sale History

Domain Sold Price Sold Date Sold Venue Link
0p.org $612 2015-03-16 NameJet NameJet
360forex.com $4,332 2015-01-18 Sedo NameJet
alexgtsakumis.com $371 2015-03-26 GoDaddy NameJet
babydevelopment.com $240 2017-06-15 NameJet NameJet
besserwisser.net $900 2011-03-16 Sedo NameJet
boht.com $505 2017-04-17 NameJet NameJet
catastrophicinsurance.com $109 2017-06-15 NameJet NameJet
chiriqui.net $500 2009-08-02 NameJet NameJet
citz.com $565 2017-08-02 NameJet NameJet
dttd.com $301 2012-07-31 NameJet NameJet
eoinart.com $205 2014-03-24 GoDaddy NameJet
fasts.com $4,900 2015-12-16 NameJet NameJet
firk.com $1,300 2015-10-27 NameJet NameJet
fitfortwo.com $1,550 2015-06-11 BuyDomains NameJet
fkob.com $180 2017-11-03 NameJet NameJet
fluk.com $2,500 2015-08-10 Sedo NameJet
fmjo.com $241 2017-02-24 NameJet NameJet
forexbusiness.com $2,000 2017-01-23 NamesCon NameJet
gnjo.com $220 2018-03-29 NameJet NameJet
godo.net $295 2015-03-31 GoDaddy NameJet
hozm.com $179 2017-08-24 NameJet NameJet
insuranceexplained.com $2,241 2011-05-11 Afternic NameJet
lblo.com $433 2016-03-30 NameJet NameJet
lkho.com $400 2017-09-06 NameJet NameJet
nibt.com $600 2018-02-26 NameJet NameJet
paintingpixels.com $149 2017-08-15 NameJet NameJet
pixelstick.com $566 2016-05-17 NameJet NameJet
reuw.com $201 2018-03-30 NameJet NameJet
sainttropez.net $3,688 2015-07-22 BuyDomains NameJet
shareit.online $335 2016-07-21 Sedo NameJet
structuremap.net $555 2016-05-17 NameJet NameJet
tvbe.com $910 2016-11-20 GoDaddy NameJet
uk-singles.com $995 2011-01-21 Sedo NameJet
unbn.com $250 2018-03-28 NameJet NameJet
uygi.com $160 2018-02-08 NameJet NameJet
virtility.com $1,051 2017-10-23 Dynadot NameJet
wlor.com $197 2017-10-27 NameJet NameJet
worldsquashday.com $120 2017-05-17 NameJet NameJet
ykh.org $210 2017-10-17 NameJet NameJet
yosf.com $250 2017-12-18 NameJet NameJet
yuag.com $1,100 2015-11-17 NameJet NameJet
zut.com $12,126 2008-12-23 Sedo NameJet

SnapNames Exclusive Domains With Sale History

Pending Delete Domains With Sale History

Michael Sumner is the CEO of NameBio.com, and is the lead developer at State Ventures which owns and operates geo domains such as OceanCity.com and Maryland.com. Michael is also the co-founder of DN Media, a company that has been involved in seven figures worth of domain name transactions.

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