Colin Campbell: How to start, scale, exit and repeat a company (video) –


Colin Campbell, CEO of .CLUB, talked at the 2018 Global Digital Summit (GDS). He discussed what the 4 key components are on how to start, scale, exit and repeat a company.

GDS 2018 was held in Xiamen, known as “Sea Garden City,” from 1st June to 2nd June 2018.

During GDS 2018, industry leaders gathered together to discuss the new trends of development in the industry (digital assets, digital media, digital ecology and various industries) and dig the greatest value in the Internet era.

Here is the video how Colin Campbell starts, scales, exits and repeats a company in regards to people, money, story and system:

And this is a slide from the presentation with all the key points:

(Please click on the image to enlarge it.)

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