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Parked page ads help show rights or legitimate interests in the domain.

Three letter domain names are extremely valuable. That’s one of the reasons you see so many cybersquatting complaints under UDRP against these domains. When quoted with a “high” price to acquire the domain, the complainant decides to try its luck with an inexpensive UDRP filing.

That was the case with DVT.com. A South African company called Dynamic Visual Technologies (Pty) Ltd filed a UDRP against the domain owner, who acquired it as an investment last year.

The complainant’s use of the acronym predates the registrant’s ownership of the domain, but the case fell apart (in part) because the complainant didn’t show that the domain owner lacked rights or legitimate interests in the domain.

It helped that the domain owner parked the domain and it is showing ads related to deep vein thrombosis. It would have been troublesome for the domain owner if the ads on the page were related to the products and services that the complainant sells.

If you park an acronym domain, it’s best to lock the keywords to relate to a “generic” meaning of the acronym.

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