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Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you can buy that have sold in the past. Sale history, like the age of a domain name, is a great proxy for quality to help the cream rise to the top. Today’s list has 96 domains for sale with history.

While not every domain in these lists will have obvious resale value, and we certainly don’t recommend buying something just because it sold in the past, there are definitely some gems to be found. Imagine buying a domain for a few hundred dollars that sold previously for four or five figures. There is no better comparable sale to give to a prospective buyer than the domain itself.

The prices listed are the most recent historical sale, not the current auction or back order price. Click on the domain to see the current price.

Happy hunting!

GoDaddy Auctions Closing Today With Sale History

Domain Sold Price Sold Date Sold Venue Link
fortus.com $20,000 2009-02-11 Sedo GoDaddy
texthero.com $4,500 2012-12-09 Afternic GoDaddy
wwwh.com $2,633 2018-05-25 Sedo GoDaddy
recoveryaddiction.com $201 2017-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
moyo.net $300 2016-10-14 NameJet GoDaddy
luminositymarketing.com $406 2014-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
fiveremedies.com $470 2017-10-31 GoDaddy GoDaddy
easyorderings.com $1,000 2017-05-22 TLDPros.com GoDaddy
skybook.org $100 2008-07-12 NameJet GoDaddy
radiocaricom.org $310 2012-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
dclink.org $2,388 2013-06-24 Afternic GoDaddy
manassasclub.org $150 2013-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
septictank.org $1,000 2012-08-22 Afternic GoDaddy
muchasgracias.info $305 2012-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
my-love.org $219 2007-01-05 Sedo GoDaddy
swoba.org $225 2016-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
motorcycle-parts.net $1,000 2010-06-02 Sedo GoDaddy
truthmediaproductions.us $135 2014-04-24 GoDaddy GoDaddy
airplanes.us $1,250 2010-10-13 Sedo GoDaddy
dealroute.com $1,250 2012-07-09 Afternic GoDaddy
acjusticeproject.com $105 2012-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
4realweightloss.com $1,000 2013-12-29 Afternic GoDaddy
neverdeader.com $2,550 2013-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
palmbeachburdubai.com $115 2014-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
rimstar.com $235 2012-05-06 NameJet GoDaddy
revolver.io $104 2017-06-05 Park.io GoDaddy
vhzf.com $192 2015-10-16 GoDaddy GoDaddy
smartbackpack.com $1,780 2018-04-18 GoDaddy GoDaddy
ikoid.com $156 2017-02-21 GoDaddy GoDaddy
exectweets.com $157 2017-02-27 GoDaddy GoDaddy
nowstreamingpod.com $260 2017-07-18 GoDaddy GoDaddy
cicounters.com $125 2017-10-30 GoDaddy GoDaddy
intueri.org $347 2015-09-01 GoDaddy GoDaddy
badcreditmortgage.us $2,825 2011-05-09 Sedo GoDaddy
thepressproject.com $220 2016-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
canoemining.com $686 2016-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
valuetypes.com $110 2016-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
enetbot.com $100 2014-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
findletters.com $200 2011-06-20 Sedo GoDaddy
projectluv.com $158 2017-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
rewardkeyboard.com $120 2017-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
miamifinefoodshow.com $180 2015-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
grandeclub.com $100 2017-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
fullversionfreedownload.com $135 2016-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
avsports.com $253 2017-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy
clevelandorchestrablog.com $700 2012-07-09 GoDaddy GoDaddy

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Michael Sumner is the CEO of NameBio.com, and is the lead developer at State Ventures which owns and operates geo domains such as OceanCity.com and Maryland.com. Michael is also the co-founder of DN Media, a company that has been involved in seven figures worth of domain name transactions.

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