Specific & Visionary ways Domains Impact Blockchain & vice versa – with Chad Folkening

Specific & Visionary ways Domains Impact Blockchain & vice versa - with Chad Folkening

Blockchain – its essence and its technology- affects domain names and their values, and vice versa.

Today’s Sherpa, Chad Folkening, describes specific and visionary ways in which domain name investors can strategize and understand blockchain in the context of the domain ecosystem.

See and understand the bigger picture. All investors and entrepreneurs who are looking to understand the intersection of domain name and blockchain should watch this show.

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Chad Folkening

Chad Folkening

Chad describes himself as a Digital Architect helping build world-leading Autonomous Entities. He is one of the original full-time domain investors in the industry: co-founder of Domain Holdings Group, founder of eCorp.com and Global Ventures, LLC (a technology-based venture development, advisory and investment group established in 1996), and founder of VNOC.com and Contrib.com. Chad has also been particularly active in connecting with legislators as laws are build around domain names.

With the unique perspective of a life-long entrepreneur, Chad consults entrepreneurs and professionals on how to increase asset value quickly by leveraging time compression tools and network effects to create valuable and distributed digital ventures in a stakeholder model.

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