Pennsylvania Attorney General subpoenas Epik over domain name

Pennsylvania Attorney General subpoenas Epik over domain name

Well, that’s a large number of questions to answer. But they are simple enough…..

“What grounds does the Pennsylvania AG have unreasonably searching a guy who isn’t even in his state?”

This is not a search, it is an investigative subpoena. If it is unreasonable, there are any number of legal grounds on which to object to a subpoena. You seem not to have understood what I meant by “The law permits the recipient of the subpoena to object on various grounds”.

Secondly, you seem not to be aware that Mr. Torba appears to be a resident of northeastern PA, and that Inc. is PA registered entity number 6599921. Interestingly, nobody goes after their corporate registration service in Harrisburg. Even if it weren’t for those facts, it is fairly obvious that both Epik and Gab conduct business with customers in Pennsylvania.

“Wheres the probable cause of a crime to justify this illegal search? What happened to the 4th amendment or 1st amendment? 230 of cda?”

Again, this is not a search. Likewise, at this point, nobody is being deprived of any Constitutional rights, and they are free to object to the subpoena. Most likely, their lawyer would prefer that they do so in court, and not on Twitter, but that’s certainly their call to make. As far as the CDA goes, again, this is an investigative subpoena, neither Epik nor Gab has been charged with anything.

If, for example, I run a car rental business, and someone rents one of my cars and robs a bank, I’m certainly not going to be charged with bank robbery. What will certainly happen is that I will be subpoenaed to turn over all of the documents and communications relating to the car rental.

The level of hyperventilation is entirely out of proportion to what is actually going on here. Every day, a zillion subpoenas are served on all sorts of people and companies for all sorts of reasons. There are procedures for dealing with them under the law and the Constitution of the US, and they generally don’t involve making ridiculous threats.

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