Radix Registry’s .ONLINE Hits the 1 Million Domains Mark to Become One of the 5 Biggest New gTLDs

Radix Registry's .ONLINE Hits the 1 Million Domains Mark to Become One of the 5 Biggest New gTLDs

announced today
that its flagship TLD, .ONLINE,
has surpassed 1 million domains under
management – a number that Radix predicted
they would hit when the new gTLD
entered General Availability in
August 2015.  .ONLINE thus
becomes one of just a few new gTLDS
that have crossed
the 1 million mark
, a
landmark that makes .ONLINE the 5th
largest new TLD by zone size.

originally began as a joint
between Radix, Tucows
and Namecheap who won the
rights to .ONLINE in a private
auction. Not long after Radix,
convinced that .ONLINE would be a
winner, was able to acquire the
Tucows and NameCheap’s stake in the
TLD. The term “online” has
long been a popular component in
domain names so Radix management
felt it would be natural ending for
those seeking a more concise
identity online. 

CEO Sandeep Ramchandani noted,
“Businesses and consumers have
long settled for long and less
memorable domains on familiar legacy
strings such as .com.  .ONLINE
offers the global audience an
opportunity to get their
first-choice domain name without
having to compromise. With only 1
million .ONLINE names vs. 135
million .com names taken, there is
ample availability for customers and
tremendous growth for us to tap

Radix CEO

cited a number of favorable reviews
from end users of .ONLINE domains. Aaron
, Founder-CEO of Louder.Online,
said, “We are an SEO company and
we moved from LouderOnline.com and
LouderOnline.com.au to Louder.online.
Being a global company, it has
definitely made sense to move to a
.ONLINE domain, especially in terms
of branding for an online marketing


on an internal analysis by Radix, 65%
of developed .ONLINE domains are in
use by SMBs. As of this date, Radix
said .ONLINE has generated over
$13 million
in revenue of which $1.5
has come from premium
domains sold directly by the
registry and close to 90 premium
.ONLINE domains have been sold
organically in the aftermarket. To
further expand .ONLINE’s
footprint, Radix is presently
working on a large-scale end-customer
marketing campaign
for the TLD
that is slated to launch in Q1 2019.
Through the campaign, Radix aims to
broaden awareness about .ONLINE by
directly targeting active-intent

November 2, 2018) 

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