10 end user domain sales up to $750,000

An investment firm, betting tool and crypto-mining browser bought domain names last week.

We now know who bought Files.com for $750,000, the top reported sale last week. Details are below.

This is Sedo’s last sales list until the second week of January, so the end user sales list on DNW will be on a short hiatus. Check out previous lists if you go through withdrawal.

Files.com $750,000 – Action Verb, LLC is launching “powerful file management for businesses of every size” at Files.com next year. Action Verb develops platforms for enterprises to manage their organizations.

Lofis.com €55,000 – Lofis Hungary Investment Kft

SocialBetting.com €9,000 – This domain forwards to CopyBet.com, a platform for copying sports bets.

FSJI.com $6,400 – This is a much shorter domain for Florida Spine and Joint. It forwards to FloridaSpineAndJoint.com.

CryptoTab.com $3,595 – CryptoTab is a web browser that mines bitcoin.

StoryQ.com €3,000 – Rick Stevenson is launching a new website in February, and this is likely the domain name for it. On his personal website, he states “I have conducted over 5,500 deeply personal interviews with kids and teens from 12 countries using my own brand of inquiry that is dedicated to raising childhood emotional intelligence. I believe that teaching young people to tell the most difficult story they’ll ever tell—their own—unlocks their potential from within.”

Empfohlen.com €2,500 – Empfohlen means recommended in German. Right now the site has animal recommendations.

Zume.in $2,500 – Forwards to Zume.com, a food delivery platform.

Fabaz.com $2,499 – Fabaz is short for Fabulous Arizona. The domain forwards to FabulousArizona.com.

TCDD.com $2,000 – Taha Company. I suspect this is an acronym for Taha Company and then something DD.

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